Everything You Need To Know About Film Certification

Everything You Need To Know About Film Certification

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) or commonly known as Censor board is a censorship body which comes under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. This body gives certifications to films, television shows, television ads etc which are to be released or displayed in public. Films can be released only after getting certification by Censor Board. CBFC of India is considered as one of the most powerful Censor boards in the world due to its strict rules. Pahlaj Nihalani is the current chairperson of CBFC and they are headquartered in Mumbai.

Have you ever wondered what does each element in the CBFC certificate mean? To solve this question here presenting you the detailed breakdown of a Film certificate.

1. This certificate should be shown for at least 10 sec before screening the film

Different type of ratings in film certification are U, U/A, A, S each of these are explained below.



2. U – Unrestricted (i.e. anybody can watch the movie)



3. U/A – Unrestricted with caution (i.e. Parental guidance required for children below 12 years)


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