Don’t Plan A Honeymoon To These 10 Places! The Sun Never Sets Here!

Imagine living in a place where the sun never goes down, a never-ending day with no sunsets and no night. I’m not talking about a fairy tale land but about real-life places near Artic Circle that have no nights and when they do its for continuous long months. In these places, you have sunlight for all 24 hours, popularly called “The Midnight Sun”, whereas the opposite phenomenon called “Polar Night” when the sun remains below the horizon in winters. Here’s a list of few places that only live in black and white time zones.

1. Barrow, Alaska :

The small city of 4,581 people is built on soil that is below freezing point and in many places goes up to 1,300 feet deep giving the place super cold and windy winters. Can you imagine a beach in Alaska? Well they do, it’s called the Barrow Beach, where you can enjoy the sun even at 2 o’clock in the night. The sun never goes down for three months in this place. The opposite of this occurs from mid-November through late January, when the sun doesn’t rise for roughly two months north of the Arctic Circle. In Barrow, this polar night stays from early November to early January.

Best time to visit this place: Early May to Early August

2. Hammerfest, Norway

Though one of the oldest towns in Norway, it might surprise you how modern Hammerfest looks. From hiking, fishing to its grand carnivals on the cruise, there is no reason for people to sleep especially when the sun doesn’t. The midnight sun is at its peak on June 21 each year, when Norway and other regions of the Arctic Circle may receive almost 24 hours of sunlight.

Best time to visit this place: May 16- July 27

3. Qaanaaq, Greenland

With about 650 residents, Qaanaaq lies in the extreme north of Greenland but is absolutely within reach. Explorers and poets have long romanticized Qaanaaq as truly the top of the world and why shouldn’t they, the beautiful evening this place offers has no description with human words. People are often affected by the midnight sun by continuous light with very long, cold winters, and have to use black curtains to get the necessary sleep during the 2 1/2 month period of the midnight sun.

Best time to visit this place: late April- late August