Don’t Plan A Honeymoon To These 10 Places! The Sun Never Sets Here!

4. Iceland

Making the long months of night less winters a commercial business, there are several tours like midnight sun tours, the Golden Circle in Iceland that are famous in Iceland, not to forget they also have horse riding and mountain hikes for the sleepless adventurers. The myths and legends of giant trolls, ghosts, and Huldufólk (secret people) will keep you company in this mysterious land.

Best time to visit this place: Early May- Late July

5. Ivalo, Finland

This beautiful village in Finland is quite small and surrounded by forest and cross-country ski trails. With a busy airport and not so mainstream tourist attraction, soak in the culture with endless days in this fairytale town. According to data provided by the nation of Finland, 66 percent of the world’s population within the zone of the midnight sun resides in Finland, particularly in its northern Laplands.

Best time to visit this place: May 22 – July 21

6. Kiruna, Swedish Lapland

Kiruna – home of the iconic Ice hotel is also one of the world’s best places to see the Northern Lights. But in the months that has no night, this place also has several interesting tours like the “Igloo Overnight Tour”, camping by the bonfire, you’ll be surprised by the comfort of the warmth your igloo will give you. You can also go reindeer sledging, ride Icelandic horse, learn about the Sami culture and see reindeer, go by snow mobile and ice fish.

Best time to visit this place: End of May – Mid July